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  • DUI’s happen.

    A DUI is a serious criminal charge that can have major consequences for your life, liberty and driver’s license! I will skillfully and tactfully guide you through all phases of your defense.

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  • Facing Assault/Domestic Violence Charges?

    If you get convicted of a Domestic Violence charge,
    felony or misdemeanor, you may face substantial incarceration & a permanent blemish for your future. Aggressively, I will creatively seek a good outcome.

  • DOL Hearings

    For any DOL driver’s license suspension or revocation hearing, from a DUI stop or other criminal charge, or a Habitual Traffic Offender revocation, I will handle it for you with relentless diligence.

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  • Criminal Defense

    Don’t let a criminal charge, felony or misdemeanor, ruin your life! Put my more than 25 years’ experience successfully defending my clients to work for you and we will fight together to restore your life.

Washington DUI/Criminal Defense Attorney

Following a criminal allegation, your defense lawyer may be the only person standing between you and severe penalties. This is why it is absolutely critical to choose a lawyer who has the experience and dedication necessary to guide you through the criminal justice process. I am criminal defense lawyer Phillip L. Weinberg. I take a holistic approach to the law, pursuing all possible options to help my clients seek a positive solution to a difficult situation. With more than 26 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, I am ready to take decisive, immediate and effective action on your behalf.

Relentlessly Pursuing Your Best Interests

Any conviction will bring with it criminal penalties, including:

  • fines;
  • probation;
  • possible incarceration.

Certain charges, such as DUI and reckless driving, among others, can lead to the suspension or revocation of one's driving privileges. This is to say nothing of the potential damage to one's personal and professional reputation.

Felony convictions also result in the loss of:

  • your citizenship rights to vote,
  • your citizenship rights to possess a firearm
  • your right to serve on a jury.

A felony conviction can also make finding employment and housing extremely difficult.

I confront every case head-on in order to develop the strongest possible defense based on the evidence. When I first accept a case, my first goal is to find all facts and defenses that support the dismissal of the charges. If a dismissal is not realistic under the facts of the case, I will then focus on negotiating the best possible plea agreement; but if one is not obtained, you may want to take the prosecution to the mat and go to trial. Note, though, that I do not ever advise trial unless there is a realistic likelihood of winning. While trials are unpredictable, some cases are obvious losers. In these situations, I dissuade clients from going that route.

You'll be Relaxing in No Time!

In all cases, I work closely with my clients, meeting frequently to answer questions and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. By getting to know your specific individual goals and really mastering your case, I will provide legal strategies, creative defense maneuvers and tactical guidance that helps you pursue your legal needs and goals. I have many satisfied and grateful former clients.

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I am available whenever you need me; I offer evening and weekend appointments to all clients, and I am often available to answer phone calls after hours. My Bellevue law office serves local Washington residents across King and Snohomish counties. Call 425-367-1122 or contact my law firm online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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