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DUI Defense

Experienced DUI / Drunk Driving Defense


Roughly 80% of my practice has historically been DUI cases. However, with the rise of services like Uber, designated drivers, people spending evenings at home instead of out, and increased social disapproval of drunk driving, there are fewer and fewer experienced DUI Defense practitioners.

The experience of having personally handled more than a thousand DUI cases has taught me that every case is unique. I don't negotiate based on a simple BAC percentage and advise a deal based on that. I look at the totality of the circumstances; the reason for the initial stop, the wording of and inconsistencies in the police reports, the maintenance of the test equipment, your driving history, the reliability of any witnesses, etc. I look at everything.

If you are facing DUI charges call or email me or fill out the contact form on this page. I have 3 decades of experience defending people like you who are facing harsh penalties such as license suspension, fines, and jail.

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