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DUI Immigration

DUIs and Immigration

Not all DUI lawyers keep up with the immigration effects of DUI charges, but I do.  While I don't practice Immigration law, I often work with immigration lawyers to minimize the impact a DUI can have on your ability to travel freely about the world. Whether you are a foreign citizen temporally in the US, Seeking US citizenship, or a US citizen with travel plans; I have the experience and negotiation skills to steer the effect of a DUI arrest towards the results you want, instead of a 'cookie-cutter' standard plea bargain.

Will a DUI conviction affect my ability to stay in the US or ability to travel abroad?

Yes, of course it will, but the better question is exactly how and to what extent. This subject is far too complicated to treat fully and properly here, and constantly changing, so consult an experienced Washington State Snohomish County and King County DUI defense attorney, like me, Phil Weinberg. I can tell you that a DUI alone is no longer grounds for removal (deportation) from the US for a noncitizen convicted of it, especially if they had no reckless driving or reckless endangerment charge along with it.

Entry into Canada, for a common example, is tough if you are convicted of a DUI. Unless you have some urgent need to go there, you will face huge obstacles when they see a DUI conviction or even a DUI charge at the border crossing.

To answer immigration-related issues my criminal defense clients face, I keep up to date on the latest Practice Advisories from the Washington Defender Association Immigration Project in Seattle, as well as changes in the law and precedent setting cases.

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