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DV Assault, NCO and DVPO

Assault 4 DV with NCO and a DV Protection Order 


I am experienced in practicing both criminal and family law. Tensions can rise in people's relationships, leading to an unfortunate incident, sometimes involving alcohol or other substances, from which 911 is called and one half of the relationship is charged with a Domestic Violence Assault, and/or other DV Criminal charges, and a No-Contact Order entered against them at their arraignment. They may also soon be served with a civil Temporary DVPO (Domestic Violence Protection Order), be vacated (removed from) their home when the police serve them, and have to appear at a return hearing in 14 days.  A divorce or paternity/child custody lawsuit can follow as well in family court.  These are tough cases and many clients feel overwhelmed in this situation. I have extensive experience handling all components of them with a combined strategy and I consistently get great results in both criminal and family law areas.

These are complex situations. I analyze every unique client's legal and personal situations and come up with your optimal defense and approach to accomplishing your goals in avoiding jail time, loss of employment, and being with your family.

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