Criminal Defense Lawyer in Washington State, Attorney Phillip L Weinberg

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Directly To a Lawyer

Directly to a lawyer 

Phil Weinberg
Phil Weinberg

As a small businessman, I don't have a huge staff, when you call 98% of the time I'll be the one to answer the phone. I make myself far more accessible to new and existing clients than most of my peers. I take calls from clients from morning to evening, and won't hand your case off to a paralegal or trainee. 

I do have paralegals and other experts that help me occasionally with large cases, but only to supplement my work, not replace me. I work with IT experts, drug/alcohol councilors, psychologists, GAL's (Guardian ad Litem), private investigators etc. as needed to do the things I don't have the special training and expertise for, or when such experts are legally required to be a different person by the court, but all the legal work is done by me.

Call me at 425-455-4784 or on my cell at 425-367-1122, and talk to me in person, and we can talk about your legal situation.

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