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    Another Kirkland Municipal NCO lifted

    July 2016

    A young Kirkland couple, very in love, were separated for almost a month after their condo neighbor heard them arguing.  This resulted from a pretrial No Contact order ("NCO").  The court believed the police report synopsis that was based purely on the neighbors speculation that an actual assault... Read On

  • Theft 3 case dropped for client in mental health custody

    July 2016

    Mental Health inpatient missed court, and got a warrant, case dismissed. Read On

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    No Contact order lifted

    July 2016

    No Contact order lifted in Kirkland Muni Read On

  • Hit and Run dropped by prosecutor

    June 2016

    Hit and Run dropped by prosecutor Read On

  • Extradition defeated and felony case in S. Dakota dismissed and closed.

    April 2016

    Week of April 18, 2016 - King County Superior Court.  Phil Weinberg's client was in jail in King County facing extradition for numerous alleged and real probation violations in S. Dakota.  Phil convinced the S. Dakota prosecutor, warrants section and probation officer to cancel her no-bail extrad... Read On

  • Issaquah Municipal Court Cases

    Attorney Phillip Weinberg's client was facing two serious gross misdemeanor cases and an initial indication we were looking at substantial jail time, one case with three counts (Indecent Exposure, Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Law Enforcement Officer) and one case for Assault 4 DV. Mr. Weinber... Read On

  • King County Superior Court Felony DUI Case

    Client had a prior Vehicular assault conviction and other prior DUI's, then got another Dui with a blood alcohol level almost 3 times the legal limit. Prosecutor was persuaded by Mr. Weinberg to reduce the 18-month standard sentence to less than 9 months to serve in a case where the facts clearly... Read On

  • Client with Several Cases in Federal way Municipal and King County District Court (Shoreline)

    Phillip Weinberg's client, with an extensive criminal history, was facing numerous Driving While License Suspended First degree and Second Degree Charges, with prosecutorial sentencing recommendations totaling over 6 months. Attorney Weinberg was able to override the sentencing recommendations of... Read On

  • Serious Traffic Case in Cascade District Court, Arlington

    Negotiating intensely since early November 2014, Attorney Phil Weinberg was able to get a great outcome for a professional truck driver and save his CDL (Commercial Driver's License from any suspension (“removal from service,” as DOL terms it). Client was charged with falsifying his log books – e... Read On

  • Kent Municipal Court Case - DV

    Client was charged with Assault 4 DV and Protection Order Violation. After several months of continuances for ongoing intensive negotiation and refinement of assessment reports, Phil Weinberg's client's case was continued for two years and, upon eventual completion of minimal individual counselin... Read On

  • King County District Court (Seattle District Court) DUI's

    An out-of-state client had 2 serious DUI's 9-10 years ago in her home state (another state) and was stopped this year in Seattle, while here visiting family, allegedly talking on her cell phone, and allegedly driving while affected by alcohol. Attorney Phillip Weinberg was able to get her case re... Read On

  • King County Superior Court Felony Case

    Phil Weinberg's client, from an East European country here on a student visa, was charged with Assault 2 DV, which is a “strike” and this was for allegedly strangling his girlfriend at a school they attended. Mr. Weinberg relentlessly negotiated, carefully but effectively obtained the Victim's he... Read On

  • Marysville Municipal Court DV Case

    Marysville Municipal Court CasePhillip Weinberg's client was facing Assault 4 DV charges that if convicted would have likely cost her a job she has as a professional working for the government. Mr. Weinberg obtained admissions from the alleged victim and got the case dismissed without even having... Read On

  • King County - Filing of Major Charges was Avoided

    King County Case Where the Filing of Major Charges was AvoidedPhillip Weinberg's client was a high-level human resources executive with gambling issues who embezzled over $100,000 from her company via theft, fraudulently altered documents, fraudulently issued bank checks, forgery and the like. Th... Read On

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