Criminal Defense Lawyer in Washington State, Attorney Phillip L Weinberg

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I was at a loss before Phil.

I was really at a loss of how to proceed after being charged with domestic violence and everything involved with it, but fortunately I found Phil Weinberg, Attorney at Law. He is definitely confident and has handled many cases like mine. I get updates whenever I need them. Phil has been really nice and open with me on what's going on and what my options are! My case prevented me from being able to be within 500 feet of my home and family and that was the worst part. Phil was able to get my no contact order rescinded in just 4 months where other attorneys take over a year to accomplish this. My family and I are so happy to be back together again at our home. He also was able to secure a SOC for me meaning as long as I complete my year of outpatient anger management therapy the charges will be dismissed and will never be on my record. This is a firm I'd recommend to those who need it in the future.

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