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No Contact order lifted

July 2016

A married couple are back together after a bad police report, and an aggressive prosecutor got a no contact order, forcing the husband to leave his home from where he also sometimes worked.

The misunderstanding was caused by police asking unclear questions to the non-native English speaking wife, and they recorded wrongly incriminating answers. was corrected. The judge was assured that the husband would try to control his wife, and that the wife was not in fear of him. This resulted in a happy reunion in the courthouse parking lot, and the happy couple going home together again.

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Phillip L. Weinberg

I have more than 20 years of experience defending my clients' rights. I handle all cases personally from start to finish, ensuring that each of my clients gains the full benefit of my many years of experience. At my firm, there are no associates right out of law school showing up in court knowing practically nothing about you or your case, I know my way around the courts and how they work. Throughout my career, I have learned that the best approach is not always the most aggressive one, though sometimes there is no other choice. My first goal in every case is the dismissal of my client's charge(s). In many situations, however, I have found that negotiation offers better opportunities for success.When you work with me your case will never be passed off to a paralegal or a less-experienced associate. I am a solo practitioner and always have been.
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