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Part 3: I-502 was Passed in 2012 – How it Affects Marijuana DUI's in Washington

Pre-November 6, 2012, Marijuana DUI cases in Washington were prosecuted like “other drug” DUI's.  Before that date there was no measurable or announced threshold level of THC that made driving at that blood concentration of THC illegal – but now this has changed. 

So, after December 6, 2012, you are considered per se impaired if your blood THC level comes back from the lab with .05 nanograms/milliliter or greater of THC.  The same penalties apply in that case to a DUI based upon alcohol but if the level of THC is at or above. 05 the WA DOL takes the same administrative driver's license suspension action as it would for those driving impaired on alcohol with a blow or blood test above the 0.08 alcohol legal limit.

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