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Payment Plans

Payment Plans 

I understand that it can be tough to come up with a chunk of money on short notice, and you may have already drained your immediately available savings or used credit just to get bailed out. Family may not be willing to help you.

So, on a case-by-case basis, I may consider allowing payments over a short period of time; usually less than the duration of my working on the case.

As a small businessman, not a corporation or a bank, this is a large risk for me, so I am very careful who I offer them to. I consider factors like if you are employed, if you have a Guarantor (Another person willing to sign for it.) and the nature of your charges, and a down payment to get started. But ultimately, it comes down to my personal judgement.

While I can't guarantee anything to all website visitors, you can call me at 425-455-4784 or on my cell at 425-367-1122, and talk to me in person, and we can talk about your legal and financial situations.

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