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Phil Weinberg is Experienced Family Law Representation.

Phil Weinberg is Experienced Family Law Representation.

I, Phillip L. Weinberg, Attorney at Law have a history of effectively, creatively helping clients achieve excellent outcomes for their family law problems for over 28 years. There is often no easy or simple solution and often no clear winner.  Many cases are tough and painful to go through.  Your attorney will often be the only one in the courtroom looking out for your rights and your future.  I always fashion a creative, intelligent representation approach based upon the facts of your case and your goals and unique situation.

I represent people facing divorce (marital dissolution) and/or other family law issues, cases and problems in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties.  This could include ending your marriage or cohabitation, or modification of your parenting plan or child support obligation.  I always take a creative, thorough and relentless, but personal and caring approach that is tailored to every individual unique case.  I know how the system works and what it takes to win or get you the best possible result.  I help clients prepare for every step of their case, for every hearing or for trial if trial is desired by the client.  But before that, I try to settle the case substantially on my client's terms to avoid for all the extra expense, uncertainty and ordeal of going to trial, which is almost always the ‘last resort'.  In some cases, though, it must be done. 

All types of Family Law cases in the Puget Sound area

I have represented people in domestic relations (family law) cases and litigation with generally excellent results and successful outcomes since 1986.  I have many satisfied former clients who accomplished most or all of their legal goals with my help throughout Washington State, including the cities of Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Lynnwood, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Woodinville, Duvall, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, Marysville, Snohomish, Monroe, Arlington, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Port Orchard, Bremerton and all around the State. 

I will work relentlessly to provide you with the best possible family law representation at the most affordable rates.  I am honest, aggressive, confident, hardworking, intelligent, creative and persistent.  Do not settle for less or let a beginner handle your case.  Do not lose optimal access to your children, pay too much in child support or agree to a property and debt division that is unfair to you. 

Always on your side, looking out for your interests

As it states in the Washington State Bar Association's Family Law Deskbook (a standard reference work used by local attorneys), my role in helping you pursue your family law legal goals is to be the “voice of reason,” but always on your side and always mindful of the children's needs if you have kids. 

I never forget to empathize and know that going through a divorce, parenting plan modification, etc. is usually a tense and scary psychological process.  A good family law attorney must be compassionate, fair and advocate realistically for his client.  Here is what that Deskbook says about the lawyer's role in a divorce, for example:

(2)  Attorney's task

Changes in the marital relationship and conflict between spouses usually begin long before initial contact with the lawyer. In contacting a lawyer, one member of the couple is formally acknowledging that the marriage is close to ending and is requesting practical information and help in deciding how to progress towards formal dissolution. The lawyer's role is often to be a "voice of reason" with respect to both the emotional and legal aspects of the dissolution, helping the client to identify a course of action while reassuring him or her about unrealistic fears and counteracting punitive urges with objective information. Research strongly suggests that a perceived inequitable process rather than a perceived inequitable outcome most likely contributes to dissatisfaction with the final divorce decree. The lawyer can best serve their client by assisting them in experiencing a fair process as well as in achieving an equitable outcome.


The basic realities in a divorce with children are, again quoting the WSBA Family Law Deskbook, that:

Reactions to divorce for both adults and children are similar to a grief response. This process involves shock and denial, anger and protest, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

Although great variability exists among parties who divorce, a common process involves transitions through four stages: (1) pre-separation instability, characterized by an intact but conflict-ridden or deteriorating relationship; (2) disorganization that begins with the disclosure of the decision to separate; (3) a period of new roles; and (4) restabilization of the family, with or without new marital partners.

Pre-separation instability

In a marriage, even one fraught with conflict and apparent instability, there are powerful attachments to each family member as well as important dependency issues. Whatever conflicts or strains may occur during the marriage, solutions tend to develop in the interests of preserving family stability. During the course of a deteriorating marital relationship, the underlying attachment needs are repeatedly threatened. Eventually, one or both parties decide that their needs would be better met outside of the marital relationship.

How can I be on 'your' side while I'm supposed to work towards a 'fair' outcome?

The 'other' side will likely get an attorney as well, and I'll be negotiating details through that attorney, allowing calm, respectful communication between everyone, and preventing a straightforward (or complex) Family Law dispute to be resolved without heated, emotional arguments, leading to physical fights, leading to criminal charges! It's not fair if your team is short a player, and it is fair for you to hire an skilled, effective representative, instead of relying on often incorrect advice from family, friends, or online strangers; their advice may have been good 20 years ago in another state, but I know the situation here and now. I may have graduated Law School decades ago, but I've never stopped learning.


… AND WANT A DIGNIFIED REPRESENTATION WITH A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME – Consult an experienced Washington State Family Law Attorney.

Let me explain what I realistically think I can do to help you, your best options and strategies for your legal goals.  Do not settle for a beginner or a firm that cashes your check and then has an inexperienced associate do the work.  I am a true solo practitioner and do your legal work myself. 

 Skilled  *  Discreet   *  Effective  *  Experienced  *  Compassionate


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