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Washington State DUI Law

Washington State DUI law is complex and sometimes harsh. Mandatory minimum jail time is imposed for any DUI conviction; the higher the blow or if you refused to blow, and the more prior DUI charges that resulted in conviction or 'conviction equivalents' within the past seven years, the more jail time you will potentially face, especially without a proper defense. Equivalents of a DUI conviction, within the past seven years, include deferred prosecutions (even though a deferred prosecution is not a conviction) and DUI charges that were pled down to Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the First Degree (Neg. 1).

Washington State DUI Quick Tips: 
First Offense:
24 hrs to 1 year Jail time
$865.00-$5000. in fines
90 days- 1 year Suspended License

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